If This Land Could Talk
 Homesteading on the Northern Plains

Millions of settlers flocked westward for homesteads, taking advantage of the free land opened to settlement by the expanding railroads. Author Judy Cook's family never lost faith in the land. Cook's Dakota roots inspire a compelling story of her grandparents' homesteading experiences in North Dakota.

If This Land Could Talk provides a riveting look at three generations of life on the Northern Plains where Cook spent her formative years. Her candid portrayal brings to life her four grandparents who carved a living from the inhospitable prairie and her parents who continued to farm. She offers a poignant yet entertaining glimpse into her ancestors’ daily lives. The author recounts growing up on the same land in the 1950s, shaped by a way of life since vanished.

Based on meticulous research, personal experiences, and stories passed from family to family, If This Land Could Talk also features photos of bygone years. It resonates with a powerful sense of place, an enduring love of the land, and reverence for the family.

The book has been recognized with iUniverse Editor's and Readers' Choice Awards indicating writing excellence and reader demand. Awarded recognition as iUniverse Star book. Second edition published June 2010 has new cover and new ISBN number.

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